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A little bit about myself

💻 IOS wasn't always what I thought I'd be specializing in. In a past life, I loved creating flyers, logos, and other design elements that inspire emotion in the people that see them.

I even started to design mock mobile app screens for future projects I wanted to do, which gave me appreciation for the difficulty in making user experience decisions.

I wanted to keep this love for product when I started my journey as a software engineer, and after experiencing what iOS had to offer one summer during an internship, I knew mobile development is what I wanted to do!

🤘 I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Software Engineering and Design. (Hook 'em!)

I also love writing about everything iOS, so feel free to take a look at my technical publications through this Medium link!

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iOS Engineer | November 2018 - Current

As an iOS Engineer at ChowNow, I’ve definitely been busy 🔥

From prototyping, developing, testing, and iterating our core mobile ordering product to the unique challenges in maintaining a white labeled application to be used by thousands of restaurant clients, my engineering experience here has been filled with a lot of fun problems in scalability and architecture.

Here is an App Store link to just one of our many Order Direct iOS applications.

Site | get.chownow.com

Toyota Connected

iOS Developer | June 2017 - November 2018

At Toyota, I had the opportunity to work on a car sharing initiative (Hui) as one of three iOS Developer for Hawaii's largest privately owned business (Servco). Our application empowers users to be mobile without the responsibility of car ownership, and through our application, we provide a service that lets them move freely throughout the island of Oahu.

During our app's lifecycle, I was able to develop main features such as annotation clustering, vehicle bookings, user onboarding, reservation quoting and invoicing, and incident reports.

Other things I've done here at Toyota is test automation in iOS, being a core developer for some of our internal frameworks, and (self admittedly) being the most hilarious member of the UI/UX team.

Site | toyotaconnected.com

Powershift Group

iOS Development Intern | June 2016 - August 2016

During the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to intern for the Powershift Group in downtown Austin.

The Powershift Group is a venture development group that provides technology and business services for new startups. My internship consisted of iOS development for our team's project, The Dime Club, where I developed and tested main user flows using Objective-C and XCTest!

Crunchbase |crunchbase.com/organization/powershift-group

UT Office of Sustainability

Software Development Intern | August 2015 - May 2016

The UT Office of Sustainability is dedicated to the awareness and preservation of natural resources and renewable energy.

As one of the office's student developers, I was able to design and implement the UT Green Tours project website while being able to support and advocate clean energy efforts within the campus community!






Swift (Lottie, SnapKit)

A Swift UI library for creating animated user onboarding flows with Lottie and Adobe AE


GitHub | github.com/josh-marasigan/WelcomeKit


Every time I see animated welcome/onboarding screens that match a user's drag or interaction speed, I always go "how in the world do they do that?". Manually animating drawn or geometric shapes/components seemed like a really daunting task, but with AirBnb's Lottie Animation Library, and Adobe After Effects, we're able to make these same user experiences without the technical overhead by delegating animation efforts to the designer.


JavaScript (React)

A Google Chrome extension for development tutorials and modules built on top of jsfiddle.net.


GitHub | github.com/zckly/JSOrchestra
DevPost | devpost.com/software/jsorchestra


JSOrchestra is a Google Chrome extension for jsfiddle.net which creates app development tutorials using the jsfiddle editor and compiler. Markup and JavaScript are inputted from the user with the guidance of our JSOrchestra tutorial box, which enables the user to compile and run through the custom jsfiddle editor.


BeagleBone Black, Python, C, Node.js (BoneScript)

Autonomous delivery service for The University of Texas at Austin campus.


Site | autonomousdesignproject.wordpress
GitHub | github.com/josh-marasigan/FetchMe


FetchMe is a senior design capstone project for UT ECE.

Driver-less cars are an emerging technology which has the potential to impact many different industries. However, many people are afraid of the technology and its effect on the future of driving.

Our group hopes to shed light, and potentially lunch, on the benefits of autonomous technology! We aim to develop a retrofitted RC car that will display the safety and usefulness of autonomous vehicles in the real world. The RC car will do so by performing simple tasks on the UT campus, such as delivering mail or food to requesting students or faculty.

With the help of our industry sponsor, Texas Instruments, and our faculty mentor, Dr. David Pan, we hope to make UT Austin the first university in the world to have autonomous delivery for its students!


Java (JavaFX)

An interactive data structure visualization aid.


GitHub | github.com/josh-marasigan/Render


Render is a HackRice 2016 submission. The user interface was designed through the JavaFX API with slight use of CSS, while the logic behing the scense was written in Java. I decided to create an easy to understand educational application in order to visualize what happens when nodes or elements interact with specific data structures!

Orange Loop

Java (Android)

A campus utility Android application for organization events.


GitHub | github.com/josh-marasigan/OrangeLoop


Orange Loop is a club and organization utility app which gives the student access to information about club events at The University of Texas at Austin.

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The Code Orange Project Flyer

Porter Robinson: World's Tour (Mock)

Unity Talent Show 2016 Flyer (Front)

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Unity Talent Show 2015 Flyer (Back)

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